Magazine Publishing

MomentumMedia is the leader in publishing for competitive athletics. Established in 1988, we publish for more than 200,000 professionals who work with high school, college, professional and amateur athletes.

Electronic Publishing

We're the most innovative electronic publishing company in this market, offering several unique web sites and electronic newsletters that provide editorial content, links to resources, and direct marketing opportunities. Our electronic publishing division includes:

Custom Publishing

We're providing our expertise and experience to several companies and organizations, producing quality publications for them and saving them money in the process. During the last three years, we have published magazines and publications for the following sports organizations and leagues:


In the fall of 2009, we created a new division, called myTEAMBOOK, to produce memory books and special-event books for athletic teams, college athletic departments, and sports-related organizations. We have produced commemorative books for:


We publish educational books for coaches, strength & conditioning coaches, sports medicine professionals and athletic directors. We have published the following books:

In addition to working with authors in our industry to publish books, we distribute educational books and DVD's from affiliated companies and authors